Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores


Since 2001, Delta Marine Consultants have been developing and applying an innovative interlocking armour unit designed to protect breakwaters and shores over the long term and in extreme conditions. This armour unit, called the Xbloc, is a simple, robust and reliable single layer concrete armour unit without reinforcement. It has considerable structural integrity as an individual element and has great hydraulic stability in the armour layer.

Xbloc is the most economical single layer armour unit. The average concrete saving yielded by incorporation of Xbloc units is up to 15% compared to other single layer armour units. Casting and placing the Xbloc unit is straightforward and is very cost effective.

The Xbloc has been subjected to extensive research consisting of hydraulic model tests and structural tests. Xbloc has been applied on shore protections and breakwaters all over the world already for a decade and has proven to perform outstanding. In addition Xbloc has proven to be very ecofriendly as the random structure and high porosity of an Xbloc armour layer provide a good habitat for different kinds of marine vegetation and animals. Throughout the years Xbloc and Xbloc projects have won severaAwards.

Xbloc continues to be innovative as the toe unit Xbase and Eco Xbloc show. The special toe unit Xbase has been developed for use with Xbloc armour. On the Eco Xbloc the concrete surface texture can be adjusted to stimulate marine growth and improve the ecological value of the armour unit.

Download the Xbloc brochure in English, French, Spanish or German and the Xbloc Track Record February 2016.

Xbloc is a registered trademark of Delta Marine Consultants. Xbloc and Xbase technology is protected by patents worldwide.