Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores


  • Moin, Costa Rica

    A overview of the construction yard from the air.

    Moin, Costa Rica, August 2016 from Koninklijke BAM Groep nv on Vimeo.

  • Xbloc placement at La Réunion island , France

    The Xbloc team has visited the French island La Réunion where the production and placement of Xbloc for the project “La Nouvelle Route du Littoral” is well on its way. The first part of the Xbloc revetment is almost completed by now and preparations for the second part has begun.

  • Xbloc production started in New Zealand

    Xbloc production started in Waitangi Warf, New Zealand. The first 0.75m3 Xblocs have been produced. 

    Produced Xblocs in New Zealand
  • Xbloc production started in Calais

    The Xbloc production started in Calais, the first 4m3 Xblocs have been produced. 

    Produced Xblocs in Calais
  • Doolin Pier project wins award

    The Doolin Pier Project wins the Irish national title for the Best Infrastructure Project 2016. The project included 10ton Xbloc units to provide protection from the Atlantic swells.

    For the complete article please click here.  

    Doolin Xbloc project
  • DMC signs Xbloc license agreement with Bouygues for large Calais Port Expansion

    BAM Infraconsult, under its trade name Delta Marine Consultants,  has signed a license agreement with Bouygues for the use of Xbloc on the large Expansion of the Calais Port in France.

    The Calais Project is the third Xbloc project which will be carried out together with Bouygues, after successful projects in Reunion Island and in Dunkerque. With Xblocs of 4, 6, 10, 12 and 14 m3, the project comprises of the largest block sizes applied so far. These large blocks are needed to protect the new breakwater which will be built in a very exposed environment with extreme tidal currents and wave conditions. The largest blocks in the project have a height of  3.5 meters and weigh 33 tons each.

    The design of the breakwater is prepared by Arcadis and physical model tests are carried out by DHI in Denmark in order to confirm  the design. The production of roughly 110.000 m3 Xblocs will start in February 2016 and placement is expected to continue until 2018.

    A very informative video of the whole Port Expansion can be found here

    calais port
  • Xbloc trial placement in Costa Rica

    Last week the Xbloc team visited the project Puerto Moin, in Costa Rica to give the Xbloc placement instruction and guide the trial placement.

    The crane operators, divers and works men were guided through the placement procedures and hands on experience was gained by the trail placement. After two days of practicing on the trial slope the team was ready for Xbloc placement on the actual breakwater.

    Trial placement Puerto Moin
  • Xbloc placement completed in Cadzand

    All 5000 Xblocs have been placed on the breakwaters of Cadzand. 

  • Xbloc application in New Zealand

    Gouda, The Netherlands – Delta Marine Consultants has signed a new license agreement for an Xbloc project for the Chatham Islands, one of New Zealand’s most remote communities.


    Waitangi Warf is a critical lifeline for the Chatham Islands, and is ready for a big upgrade. The upgrade comprises amongst others a breakwater up to 185 meters long to protect the wharf, and new land for enhanced port operations. The breakwater is covered by 0.75m3 Xblocs which will be placed by Memorial Park Alliance.


    You can find more about the project when you click here.

    Waitangi Wharf update