Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores


  • 16m3 moulds have arrived on site

    On site of the Istanbul new airport project, 16m3 Xbloc moulds have arrived. These large Xblocs will be placed at the roundhead of the breakwater, which provides shelter from the waves from the Black Sea. 

    More photos and information can be found here

  • Cotonou, Benin received an Award of Excellence

    The groynes in Cotonou received an award of excellence by Canadian Consulting Engineer, magazine for professional engineers in construction. 

    Jury Comments: “This six-year program was to stop erosion of 13 kilometres of shoreline that was causing serious problems folocal residents. The construction of new breakwaters was done with environmental sensitivity and we especially liked how the engineers involved local engineers from the beginning.”

    Five groynes were built with 4m3 Xblocs, for more project details click here

    You can find the full jury report here

  • Cadzand in Dutch newspaper

    Photographer Kees van de Veen made photos through the Netherlands, past people, towns and landscapes in which the battle is waged against water. The sea. In the historic center. Along the rivers.

    Click here for the article in Dutch.

  • Xbloc placement in the Dominican Republic

    Xbloc placement has started in the Dominican Republic. The Xbloc trail placement was a success. 

    For more photos and information on the project please click here.

    Xbloc placement