Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores

Easy to use

Easy to produce

Steel moulds can be used repetitively to produce large numbers of units. Various mould designs have been developed, consisting of two sections. Both vertical moulds and horizontal moulds can be applied. Casting is easy based on the large fill openings. In several projects efficient production was achieved by pouring the concrete into the moulds from a concrete mixer on an elevated road. A maximum of two Xblocs per mould per day has been achieved both with vertical and horizontal moulds. To achieve casting two Xblocs in one day, naturally local climate conditions should allow quick concrete hardening.

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Easy to store

At the construction yard units can be handled with a sling, fork or clamp. The units can be stored in various ways. The most efficient way is side by side in a half brick bond. The storage pattern can be arranged in 1 to 3 layers depending on the size of the Xblocs and the subsoil capacity. Using this pattern, the required storage area amounts to 0.72 D2 for 1 layer storage and 0.36 D2 for 2 layer storage [ D= unit height ]. An even more dense storage pattern  (0.59 D2 for single layer storage) is possible, whereby the Xbloc units are touching each other.

Easy to place

The Xbloc unit is simple to place, due to the straightforward placement principle. Naturally the required packing-density should be obtained. Experience shows Xbloc placement rates up to 8-25 units /hour depending on the equipment used. The Xbloc units can be placed by an excavator or a crawler crane. Xbase units facilitate easy placement of the armour layer.