Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores


Since introduction to the market in 2003, Xbloc and Xbloc projects have won several awards:

Irish Concrete Society Award 2008

The project Caladh Mor, designed by RPS and constructed by SIAC, has received the Irish Concrete Society Award for overall excellence. Caladh Mor is a new harbour for the island Inish Meain, on the west coast of Ireland. It has both an onshore and an offshore Xbloc breakwater to protect it from the Atlantic swell. The Xblocs have been cast on the island by the local contractor Concrete Inis Meain, using aggregates from crushed rock, dredged from the harbour basin.

Odebrecht 2008 Highlight Award

The project Cinta Costera in Panama received the Odebrecht 2008 Highlight Award in the category Productivity - Knowledge generation.

The prize has been won by Mario Ricardo Monteiro Goulart and Keli Cristiane Goulart with their entry titled:

Using Xbloc and Xbase artificial rock on the breakwater: Optimizing the Project’s Design and Timeframe

"Using Xbase and Xbloc to build the breakwater reduced the cost of the project by 13%. It also helped reduce the construction project’s local impact, because it eliminated the need for nearly 26,000 truck trips through Panama City"

For more information visit the Odebrecht web site:



Nomination Dutch Concrete Award 2007

The Dutch Concrete Award is organized once every two years and rewards the most creative and eye-catching applications of concrete in completed projects. In 2007 the breakwater of Port Oriel is nominated. It is the first Xbloc breakwater in Europe.

The breakwater is nominated as the innovative shape of the Xbloc makes it possible to create an armour layer with the minimal use of concrete and a high hydraulic stability.

ID-NL Innovation Award 2005

In November 2005 Xbloc has won the Dutch ID-NL Innovation award 2005 in the category Water and Delta technology.The award was presented during the Holland Innovation Event, which is the major Dutch event related to innovation.

BAM Innovation Award 2004

The Xbloc has won the BAM inhouse innovation award in 2004. The jury described the introduction of the Xbloc as a revolution in armour unit development. Also the jury praised the attention being paid to constructability of the block and placement of the armour layer.