Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores

Xbloc for Consultants

The Xbloc provides a solution for any breakwater or shore protection design. The Xbloc is a reliable single layer armour unit as it has excellent hydraulic stability and structural integrity. Its efficient and symmetrical form allows simple modifications to meet multiple design demands. For instance the Xbase has been developed and is made by simply closing of one of the mould extensions. The Xbase provides a stable toe solution for the armour layer. Besides this the Xbase can also be applied in front of the crown wall enclosing the armour layer on top.

Another Xbloc development is the Eco Xbloc. Structured templates (NOEplast) are applied inside the Xbloc mould to obtain various surface structures which can be adjusted to the local ecological or aesthetical preferences.

DMC being a Consultant itself has extensive experience in marine design. Please feel free to contact us, we gladly provide you with a free concept design, or assist with any specific design solutions. DMC also offers 2D hydraulic model tests for all hydraulic structures with our own state of the art Wave Flume.

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