Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores

Construction Process

In the following section the process from production until the completion of the project is summarised below.

Production Process

DMC supplies the formwork drawings which the contractor uses to produce the moulds. DMC can also assist in the purchase of 2nd hand formwork from previous users. Before the start of the production phase, DMC provides advice on the concrete mix design and reviews the mix design proposed by the Contractor. Furthermore DMC provides advice on the production process in order to assist the contractor in the planning of the production. The next step is a site visit by DMC, shortly after the production has started. During the production of the units, the Contractor monitors the quality of the production and sends log files to DMC.

Placement Process

DMC provides information on possible placement methods and tools. The Contractor provides the construction drawings to DMC. Based on these drawings, DMC prepares the placement coordinates where the units are to be placed. DMC gives a placement instruction to the crew involved in the placement of the units, followed by a trial placement on land where the crew can practice unit placement under supervision of DMC. Once placement starts, the Contractor monitors the placement and provides surveys for review to DMC. These surveys can be done e.g. by divers, cameras or acoustic systems like an echoscope. During the placement process DMC visits the project a number of times to inspect the work and to provide advice to the Contractor.