Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores

Offshore Islands, Abu Dhabi

Xbloc armour units are applied on the shore protection of offshore islands in Abu Dhabi. The islands are being constructed by NMDC.

The size of the Xbloc armour units is 3 m3. the Xblocs are cast in Abu Dhabi at Emarat Europe and transported by barge to the offshore islands. There the Xblocs are placed by hydraulic excavator. Both video cameras and Echoscope 3D sonar mounted on the excavator is apllied to assist in the underwater placement.

The design of the islands has been prepared by Sogreah. 2D and 3D model testing has been carried out at HRWallingford in the United Kingdom. 

Project Milestones

2010: Start of production
May 2011: Trial placement
September 2011: Start of placement
May 2013: Project completed

Project Details

Hs: 4.1m
Length of shore protection: 4.5 km
Size of Xblocs: 3.0 m3
Number of units: 27,400



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