Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores

Champerico, Guatemala

Champerico is located about 225 km from Guatemala City on the Pacific coast of Guatemala close to the Mexican border. For over 30 years plans existed in Champerico for a fishing harbour, as the fishing fleet has been using an 100 year old exposed jetty, which collapsed in 2003. 

The new port is sheltered by a 500 m long breakwater, and as a main armour layer 4 m3 Xbloc is applied. A harbour basin with a design depth of MLWS -4.5 should provide access for semi-industrial fishing vessels and small scale fishing boats. Champerico has been the first Xbloc application in the Americas. The fishery harbour has been designed by Royal Haskoning and has been constructed by Van Oord.

Xbloc Moulds

For the project in Champerico DMC's sister company BAM Materieel supplied the Xbloc Moulds. 20 Moulds have been fabricated at the BAM factory in Holland. They were shipped to Guatemala were they are assembled. BAM Materieel was involved in the Xbloc development from the very beginning. They produced the first steel moulds of the Xbloc, in which the first Xbloc units were produced for testing. Since then BAM Materieel supplied several Xbloc clients with moulds and mould designs that performed excellent during production of the Xbloc units. (contact: BKT@bammaterieel.nl)

Project Milestones

September 2007: Project awarded to Contractor Van Oord BV
November 2007: Mould production started at BAM Materieel
May 2008: Start of casting
June 2008 Start of Placement
Augustus 2008: Completion

Project Details

Hs: 4.0 m
Length of breakwater: 500 m
Size of Xblocs: 4 m3
Number of units: 1,200
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