Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores

Gorgon, NW Australia

A breakwater is being built for the Gorgon LNG terminal in North West Australia. The breakwater will be armoured by a large number of Xbloc armour units.

The production of the Xblocs is carried out by BAM Decorient, Indonesia. The Xblocs are produced in the port of Cigading, Java, and loaded onto barges which transport the Xblocs to Australia. The breakwater for the LNG terminal in NW Australia has two purposes, it is the causeway leading to the LNG jetty and it provides shelter for the tug berths. Xbloc placement is done by Thiess and Boskalis.

Project Milestones

February 2010: Start of Xbloc mould fabrication
March 2010: Start of Xbloc production
October 2010: First Load Out 800 Xblocs
March 2011: Start of placement
October 2011: All Xbloc units produced
July 2012: Xbloc breakwater completed
March 2013: All Xblocs placed

Project Details

Hs: 6.0 m
Water depth: 9.0 m at DWL
Length of breakwater: 2.5 km
Size of Xblocs: 1.5 and 6 m3
Number of units: 40,200
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