Xbloc - Effective ware protection for breakwaters and shores

Xbloc calculator

The Xbloc calculator can be used for concept design. For detailed design physical model testing is normally required. For advice on application in specific cases, please download our Xbloc design guidelines or contact us at  xbloc@xbloc.com

Input parameters



Output parameters

Theoretical volume   [m3]
Standard volume   [m3]
Unit mass   [t]
Unit height   [m]
Armour thickness   [m]
Concrete volume   [m3/m2]
Rock grading under layer   [t]
Thickness under layer   [m]
Packing density   [Xblocs / 100m2]
Number of rows  

Correction factors

Frequent occurrence of near design wave height  
Seabed slope  
Low crested  
Water depth / Hs  
Core permeability  
Armour slope  
Applied factor