Land reclamation and artificial islands

Das Island

Xbloc Das Island, land reclamation

Xbloc has also been applied at various offshore islands in the Gulf Region. For such projects, logistics are vital. The efficiency of Xbloc in storage, (barge) transport and handling in combination with the reduced number of blocks needed to protect the islands render Xbloc as the preferred armour solution. An additional advantage is that the Xbloc protection requires less maintenance and inspection due to its resilience to climate change. 

XblocPlus is even more efficient in offshore projects as the number of blocks required is reduced by another 25%. Besides, the XblocPlus units can be stored and transported very efficiently as they can be stacked in multiple layers on a barge. This substantially reduces the number of barge shipments to the project location. Finally, the increased resilience to climate conditions reduces the need for maintenance at remote offshore locations.