Xbloc horizontal moulds

Horizontal Xbloc mould

There are 3 ways to get moulds:

  • You can obtain moulds from BAM Materieel;
  • You can obtain mould drawings from DMC and produce moulds locally close to the project site;
  • You can inquire about 2nd hand moulds via DMC.

BAM Materieel                                                   

BAM Materieel is the inhouse plant department of BAM in The Netherlands. They produced formwork for Xbloc projects around the world. The moulds are produced at the BAM Materieel factory in The Netherlands. The moulds can be transported to any location worldwide.

You can contact BAM Materieel at the following address:

De Serpeling 120
8219 PZ Lelystad
P.O. Box 189
8200 AD Lelystad
The Netherlands
T +31 488487878