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Over the last decades, DMC has gained a vast experience in the design of breakwaters and shore protections. Following the development of Xbloc which started in 2001 and its market introduction in 2003, DMC has been involved in design, physical model testing and construction of many Xbloc projects around the world. Therefore we are more than capable to assist you with the design of a suitable Xbloc solution for your envisaged project.

To give you a quick start with the Xbloc design we have developed the Xbloc Design Guidelines and the Xbloc Design Calculator. With these guidelines and calculator it is possible to easily get a first estimate of what Xbloc size is required for the breakwater and/or shore protection. Of course we are more than happy to assist and advise you with the design regardless in which design phase the project is.

Xbloc Cross section with legenda

Cross section with legenda