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Delta Marine Consultants has developed an online Xbloc calculator for concept design. Using this calculator will result in the minimum required theoretical Xbloc size. A concept design report is available with your input and output of the online calculator.

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Xbloc is a concrete armour system, of units that work together to ensure long term, reliable protection and the defence of breakwaters and shorelines.

A growing Family of Shapes

The original Xbloc has been used successfully all over the world since 2004. Click on our Projects section for specific case studies. The new XblocPlus is a remarkable innovation on the original. It provides greater protection and can be deployed faster than any other system on the market. Both Xbloc and XblocPlus can be used together, or separately depending upon breakwater geometry. They combine to become a single flexible, yet immediately trustworthy, system. Xbase units are elements that can be used as the bottom row for slopes protected with Xbloc armor units.


Xbloc unit

XblocPlus unit 

Xbase unit


Stable and robust

Made of standard non-reinforced concrete, both blocks are designed for low tensile stresses which means our Xblocs can easily cope with large forces.

Blocks placed within the armour layer work together to withstand pressure from waves. This is called interlocking. Xbloc family shapes are designed to interlock efficiently resulting in high hydraulic stability. Simply put, a small Xbloc can withstand large waves.


Xbloc and XblocPlus are both laid as single layer systems whereas many competing designs involve two layers of blocks. Xbloc significantly reduces the amount of concrete used in a project and has a positive effect on time and cost.


The Xbloc system has not only been designed with storm defence in mind, but also with simple practicalities as well. The system is easy to work with. The block has a wide, stable base which allows for efficient storage, handling and transport. Blocks can be stored in multiple layers and transported by barge or truck in a vertical position.

During deployment, the shapes of our blocks have also been developed to ensure that the individual placement of each unit is much easier and less concern has to go into following ‘placement patterns’. The result is a simplified deployment procedure and again, savings on construction time. 

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