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As a nation, The Netherlands has a remarkably long history fighting back the seas. Borne out of this ambition and originally designed in 2004 the Xbloc was developed. The Xbloc is a concrete armour system of units that work togeher to ensure long term, reliable protection for breakwaters and shore protections. The Xbloc has been used successfully in some 30 projects around the world. 


DMC’s new design. The block interlocks with others to provide an immovable defensive wall that allows stress and pressure to be drawn out and spread in such a way as to dissipate any destructive forces.


XblocPlus is not only revolutionary in shape, but also in how it can be placed. Patented and unique, a single crane operator can equip our ‘arm’ and place up to 40 blocks in a single hour. Once placed, blocks can just as easily be picked up and moved again if necessary.

Complete coverage

Xbloc and XblocPlus combine to become one single, reliable shore defence system. XblocPlus is best used in bulk and in straight or gently curving lines. This is where the interlocking design ensures absolute defensive integrity. On sharp corners and in less predictable nooks and crannies, the original Xbloc performs brilliantly.

Simply put, Xbloc is the most versatile and economical single layer armour unit available. An Xbloc can save up to 15% of your concrete budget. Total lifetime costs will be minimal as each Xbloc is designed to be maintenance free.