Two different types of moulds are available, vertical moulds and horizontal moulds. The vertical mould is most commonly used as it is very practical in handling and logistics and does not require the use of lifting equipment. The mould consists of 2 identical mould halves with wheels which can be assembled by hand.

Production of Xblocs

In order to facilitate formwork removal, the sides of the vertical mould are made slightly tapered and therefore the mould contains some additional concrete.

The horizontal mould type consists of a bottom part and a top part and is assembled with a crane. As the unit remains on the bottom part until it can be lifted and transported to the storage area, additional bottom parts are used. The mould contains exactly the theoretical volume as the sides of the mould open up with hinges. The horizontal mould is less sensitive to workmanship during concrete pouring and vibration. With either mould type production rates of 1 to 2 units per day can be reached.

Production of EcoXbloc

For the production of ecologically adapted Xblocs the inner surfaces of the mould can be covered with structured material (for example: NOEplast), to allow different gradings of roughness, depending on the ecological demands.

Xbloc moulds by BAM Materieel

BAM Materieel is the inhouse plant department of the BAM construction companies within The Netherlands. Over the years they produced formwork for multiple Xbloc projects around the world. BAM Materieel provides a custom made mould design to the convenience on site. The moulds are produced at the BAM Materieel factory in the Netherlands. The moulds can be transported to any location worldwide, they are assembled on site.

You can contact BAM Materieel at the following address:

De Serpeling 120
8219 PZ Lelystad
P.O. Box 189
8200 AD Lelystad
The Netherlands
T +31 488487878