Dikkowita, Sri Lanka

A new Fishing Harbour has been built 10 kilometre north of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The harbour is constructed by BAM International, the design is done by Delta Marine Consultants.

The project site is a Green Field location. The harbour is protected by two breakwaters and is designed for 125 ft. fishing vessels. The breakwaters are partly built on an existing sandstone reef. Both breakwaters have a concrete crown wall. The total length of the breakwaters is more than 1 kilometre. The head of the main breakwater is located at -7.5 m MSL. The Xbloc production cycle is two Xblocs per mould per day.

2D model testing has been carried out at the laboratory of Delta Marine Consultants in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 3D model testing has been carried out at LHI in Sri Lanka.