Aqaba New Port, Jordan

Close to Aqaba, a new container terminal and service harbour is under construction. The berths including reclamation and shore protection for the new port are being built by the Joint Venture BAM International and MAG Engineering and Contracting.

Within the Aqaba New Port project, 3000 Xblocs of 1.5m3 volume are applied. Because no physical model tests were envisaged in the tender, the Xbloc size was chosen significantly larger than usually applied for the given boundary conditions to cater for uncertainties in the design. Due to the scarcity of rock in the required grading, Xbloc was chosen as feasible and economic alternative. The Xbloc units were produced at the project area with ready mix concrete from a local concrete plant close to the site. The production commenced in September 2012. Xbloc placement started in April 2013 and was completed in December 2013. Underwater placement of the Xblocs was inspected by divers because of the very good visibility. A seawater intake is incorporated in the revetment.

The Xbloc project at Aqaba is the second Xbloc project carried out by BAM International.


Aqaba New Port, Jordan

Project milestones

Start of casting
September 2012

Trial placement
March 2013

Start placement
April 2013

Completion placement
December 2013

Project details

Design wave height
3.1 m

Length of shore protection
350 m

Size of Xblocs
1.5 m3

Number of units

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