Bar Beach, Nigeria

The first phase of the project consists of a shore protection of 1 km length, armoured by 1.5 m3 Xblocs. This coastal erosion control project will solve a long lasting erosion problem that over the past 50 years led to the regression of several hundreds of meters of coastline. The construction has started in January 2006. Bar beach is the first Xbloc application in Africa.

First use of the Xbloc special toe unit: Xbase. This modified Xbloc, proves to be a stable solution for the toe construction of an armour layer using any concrete single layer armour unit.

It is anticipated that in future the Xbloc armour will be reused for the shore protection of the Eko Atlantic City project.


Bar Beach, Nigeria

Project milestones

Start of unit production 
February 2006

1000 XBlocs are cast
April 2006

Start of placement; placement rates of 12 units per hour are achieved
May 2006

Xbloc seawall put through the test with extreme wave conditions
October 2006

First phase of Bar Beach coastal erosion control project is completed
December 2006

Project details

4.0 m

Length of shore protection
1 km

Size of Xblocs
1.5 m3

Number of units

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