Cadzand, The Netherlands

The Xbloc is conquering the world ... and the Netherlands! For the first time since the introduction of the innovative breakwater element of BAM Infraconsult, it is truly applied in the country where it was conceived and developed.

In a few months we can see much closer to home how well the element is functioning in the province of Zeeland. Here Combination Cadzand Bad (BAM Wegen and Martens and Van Oord) are responsible for a coastal project, including the construction of a marina and the improvement of public space. In two breakwaters 4,200 Xblocs will be applied. BAM Infraconsult is responsible for both the tender and detailed design.

The production of the elements is now in full swing. This occurs near the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, fifteen kilometers from Cadzand-Bad. The materials are supplied by ship as much as possible to minimize disturbance in the small town. Here there is plenty of space for storage, situated on a waterway and near a concrete plant.

The breakwater elements in total make up some 12,500 m³ of concrete in blocks of 1,5 and 4 cubic meters. The steel formwork, 32 pieces, have been produced by BAM Materieel in the Netherlands. BAM Wegen is responsible for the production. On the construction yard a laboratory has been set up for various quality verifications. Soon shipping starts of the elements to Cadzand-Bad.


Cadzand, The Netherlands

Project milestones

First Xbloc produced
December 2014

First Xbloc placed
May 2015

Project details

4.6 m

Size of Xblocs
1.5 m3 and 4 m3

Number of units

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