Kilo Wharf, Guam

On the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean a shore protection has been built. The shore protection has an armourlayer of 8 m3 Xblocs.

The 8 m3 Xblocs on Guam are cast using the horizontal casting method. With this method one nose of the Xblocs is below ground level during casting. This facilitates the pouring of the concrete. During casting the X shaped base of the Xbloc is in a horizontal position and the top of the base mould is not covered. A truck mixer is able to pour the concrete directly in the mould without the requirement of an elevated roadway or crane. Both steel and wooden moulds are used. The mould consists of 6 parts, a bottom part, 4 side parts and a top nose part.

After hardening the 8 m3 Xbloc is lifted out of the bottom mould using cast in lifting anchors.

The project is constructed by IBC-TOA.


Kilo Wharf, Guam

Project milestones

Start of production
Beginning of 2009

Trial placement
June 2009

Start of placement
February 2010

Shore protection completed
Mid 2010

Project details

6.0 m

Length of shore protection
50 m

Size of Xblocs
8.0 m3

Number of units

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