Pointe Noire, Congo

At Pointe Noire, Congo, an existing breakwater will be extended to increase the protection of the port. The project is carried out by Boskalis.

The breakwater is low crested. The front and rear armour of the breakwater trunk consists of 3 m3 Xblocs. The breakwater head is armoured by 4 m3 Xblocs The crest armour consists of 3-6 tons rock.

2D Model testing has been carried out in the laboratory of Delta Marine Consultants in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 3D model testing has been carried out at HRWallingford in the United Kingdom.

The Xbloc project at Pointe Noire is the fourth Xbloc project carried out by Boskalis.


Pointe Noire, Congo

Project milestones

Start of casting
September 2011

Trial placement
December 2011

Start placement
December 2011

Placement completed
June 2012

Breakwater completed
June 2012

Project details

5.3 m

Length of breakwater
300 m

Size of Xblocs
3 and 4 m3

Number of units

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