Port of Poti, Georgia

Port of Poti has a long history as the gateway of the Caucasus and Central Asia. It has been an important link in the legendary Silk Route, which will be restored in the coming years.

The main breakwater of Port of Poti dates back to 1873. Today it has a length of 1800 m and is covered by concrete cubes. A major part of the main breakwater has been rehabilitated with 2 m3 Xblocs. The existing concrete cube armour layer has been covered by an inverted granular filter structure on top of which the Xbloc armour and filter layers has been placed. The wide crest of the breakwater has been covered with Xbase units.


Port of Poti, Georgia

Project milestones

Model tests at Delft Hydraulics
March 2004

Model testing of modified crest detail at CSIR
December 2004

Start of casting
March 2007

1000 Xbase units produced
October 2007

4000 Xbloc units produced
October 2007

Start of placement
June 2008

First phase breakwater rehabilitation completed
November 2008

Project details

5.0 m

Length of breakwater
1.8 km

Size of Xblocs
2 and 3 m3

Number of units

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