XblocPlus at the ICCE

The new concrete armour unit XblocPlus will officially be introduced at the ICCE conference in Baltimore this summer. DMC will be present with a booth and two paper presentations.

XblocPlus is a new innovative single layer concrete armour unit which has been developed by DMC. This development is based on 15 years of experience with the Xbloc armour units and comes forth from an extensive research and design process. The XblocPlus units are characterized by their unique shape which is optimized for regular placement. The shape development was focused on

  • regular placement to enhance construction speed
  • sufficient permeability to increase hydraulic stability and reduce concrete use
  • strong interlocking and
  • flexibility to follow deformations in the under layer

The main advantages of the XblocPlus compared to other single layer units on the market are:

  • Increased safety margin in adopted stability number
  • Lowest concrete consumption per surface area (equal to Xbloc)
  • 25%-35% less units to cast and place
  • Fast and easy block placement (about twice as fast as other units on the market)
  • Aesthetic appearance of the XblocPlus armour layer

The first project with XblocPlus has already been awarded. The units will be placed on the 32km long Afsluitdijk where the blocks will be referred to as ‘Levvel blocs’, named after the Levvel consortium which comprises Van Oord, BAM, and Rebel.

More information about the new units will follow with the market introduction at the ICCE conference. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth.

XblocPlus at the ICCE